New ways of listening to the customer

Find your customer. Listen to them. Know their desires.
Then, respond to their needs.
The way we relate to the public has been transformed. Join the change.


  • With expertise and experience in the field.
  • With omni-channel sales and communication tools designed for planning, production, continuous analytics and performance monitoring.
  • With technology that allows us to listen to the end user: to know their interests and needs in order to offer them tailor-made products and services.

What Makes Us Different

Thoroughness of processes

  • Creation and evolution of commercial arguments.
  • Specific telesales indicators focused on efficiency and conversion.
  • Internal quality audits to comply with a proprietary telesales model.
  • Quality of conversations and CEX methodology.
  • Analysis of results with our clients.
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Specialisation in consultancy

  • Transversal area with telesales specialists.
  • Internal consultancy for the optimisation and improvement of services and processes.
  • External consultancy to increase the volume and quality of our clients' sales.
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Technology applied to teleshopping

  • Own CRM adapted to the needs of each service.
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining tools.
  • Real-time reporting from the start-up of the service.
  • Multi-channel, including digital channels.
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Expert teams

  • Selection processes specialised in the search for salespeople.
  • Initial training with sales techniques adapted to the product or service.
  • Coaching and feedback plans.
  • Gamification based on commercial indicators, integrated in the CRM and linked to room animation.
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Marketing and sales services

  • Telephone sales.
  • Arranging commercial visits.
  • Quality and satisfaction surveys.
  • Updating of databases.
  • Welcome and loyalty.
  • Distribution of services.
  • Up-selling and cross-selling.

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