Commitment sets us apart

We are committed to our customers, to our shareholders, to our suppliers, to our talents, to society... and, above all, to a responsible and sustainable business model.

01_ We ensure the maintenance of good corporate governance practices.

02_ We engage with the community to which we belong.

03_ We minimise our environmental impact.

We work in all areas of the company and establish
synergistic alliances with other entities, among which are
Konecta Foundation.

We grow, ensuring sustainability in every step we take.
We look to the future with the aim of being the best, guaranteeing
responsible management on the road to our goals.

We share the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda to support the well-being and progress of society.

We carry out our activity efficiently, complying with the legislation of the countries in which we operate and with our internal regulations.
We follow principles of ethics, transparency and accountability, we guarantee the security of information and the protection of the personal data of our clients, professionals and suppliers.

A man in a gray blazer shakes hands with a man in a blue shirt.

Integrity, ethics
and transparency are the guiding principles
of our work.

Our internal policy framework brings together the values and principles that govern decision-making.

Human Rights

  • We are committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We are founding members of the Spanish network of the United Nations Global Compact. We ratify our membership annually.
  • We align our strategies with its 10 principles for action in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

And we go one step further...

  • We promote the right to integration into the labour market of vulnerable groups.
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Hologram of padlock on woman with painted fingernails works on computer

Security of information,
Konecta's guarantee

We guarantee information security with a solid cybersecurity model based on the detection and rapid response to potential incidents with measures such as recurrent audits of IT assets, the development of cybersecurity operational centres, our malware analysis laboratory, the routine assessment of vulnerabilities and the continuous training and awareness of our talents.

Confidentiality is a management tool for our business competitiveness.

Personal data protection is a cornerstone of Konecta. We ensure that our talents, suppliers and business partners internalise its importance.

Our human capital: excellence and experience

We care about people. We care about their well-being.

Our human capital management model guarantees Konecta's competitiveness and sustainability in the short, medium and long term, as well as the professional growth of our talents.


At Konecta, people from different cultures, idiosyncrasies and generations come together. Diversity adds value to us. To promote it, we dedicate resources and efforts to ensure:

  • A respectful, safe and inclusive work environment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Non-discrimination
Three people from different countries point to a computer screen
Woman in beige suit smiles while talking to two male colleagues

and integration

We promote a culture that guarantees equal opportunities for our professionals.

We have equality plans, protocols against gender-based violence and a series of initiatives aimed at raising staff awareness.

Gender equality is rooted in Konecta's roots. More than 67% of our workforce is made up of women.

An inclusive work environment, coupled with training initiatives and alliances, are our greatest claims to attract diverse talent and promote the incorporation into the company of groups at risk of exclusion.

and work-life balance

We are convinced that people need to reconcile their family, personal and professional lives. We promote initiatives and measures aimed at achieving a healthy balance in the daily lives of our professionals.

Father holds his son while they look at a tablet

Community support

First and foremost, people.

We involve all areas of the company and ally ourselves with public and private partners (including the Konecta Foundation) to develop projects with a high social impact, mainly aimed at the social and occupational integration of groups at risk of exclusion.

About the Konecta Foundation
Girl with mask holds plate of food

We promote volunteering initiatives to contribute to social awareness and the reduction of inequalities.

We promote awareness of the business fabric and society itself, through active participation in events and meetings promoted by public and private institutions.

We only have one Earth. Let's take care of it.

Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

We reduce our footprint on the planet and fight climate change.

Carbon footprint and responsible resource management

Strategies to restrict greenhouse gas emissions.

Snow-capped mountains over an ice lake Snow-capped mountains, cloudy skies and frozen lake.

Energy efficiency improvements.

We reduce consumption and are committed to green energy. At Konecta España, 100% of the electricity we consume is guaranteed to be of renewable origin.

Landscape of solar panels on a green meadow and windmills Windmill in a green landscape with a blue sky

Reduction of paper and cardboard consumption.

We are increasing green label paper and decreasing its use by raising awareness among our teams and implementing digitisation projects, as well as actively participating in recycling programmes.

Open hand with a tree made of bags on a green backgroundHand holds a green paper tree on a green background

Reduction of water consumption
with efficiency models and awareness campaigns.

Plant sprouting from dry soil Small plant sprouts from sandy soil.

Circular economy

We work to minimise the generation of waste and its recycling through authorised waste managers. In addition, we promote the recycling of our professionals to contribute to social initiatives.

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African girl with curly hair and pink shirt giving a talk to her classmates.

awareness-raising actions

We know that change begins with each one of us.
We promote courses and projects so that this maxim permeates
in our talents.