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Konecta receives IMPACT22 award for its Expocontact congress

Konecta receives IMPACT22 award for its Expocontact congress

The AEERC (Spanish Association of Customer Relationship Experts) recently held the IMPACT22 Awards, which recognize companies for their contribution to the Contact Center sector.

On November 21, the IMPACT22 Awards ceremony took place, in which Konecta, a Spanish company specialized in BPO and one of the international leaders in the sector, won the award for the organization of its annual Expocontact event.

The Expocontact congress, now in its 18th edition, is a benchmark for the BPO sector and customer management. During the day, hundreds of companies and professionals are brought together, and round tables on technology and innovation are organized.

The president of AEERC, José Francisco Rodríguez, together with María Luisa Merino, manager of the organization, were in charge of presenting the award. From Konecta, its CEO EMEA, Enrique García Gullón and Eva Blanco, head of communication and director of Expocontact were in charge of collecting the award.

During the award ceremony, José Francisco Rodríguez pointed out that "in addition to recognizing Konecta (this award), it also wants to give importance to the team of professionals who have been involved in this event.year after year, they manage to connect many companies, people, processes and technology with Expocontact".....) For 18 years now, Konecta has continued to support this congress, a reference in the sector".

For his part, Enrique García Gullón, thanked for the award and recalled the value of Expocontact: "I am very proud that you have thought of us for this recognition. It is an exciting award because Expocontact was born with a vocation and I think it has been fulfilled in these 18 years. Its objective was to professionalize a sector that was not so professional at the time. We wanted to create a forum for dialogue, conversation and added value and, little by little, by adding technology and the efforts of people, our congress has evolved, but so has the sector. Today it is an obligation to continue reinventing and contributing to this industry.".


The AEERC represents more than 200 companies in the Contact Center sector, constituting a forum with the mission of promoting the sector through dialogue, technology and innovation.  

This edition of the IMPACT22 Awards is expected to be the first of many. It will continue to highlight the work teams in the marketing and communication areas of companies, which form a substantial part of Customer Service.

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