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Konecta in Peru, a promoter of women's equity and empowerment policies

Konecta in Peru, a promoter of women's equity and empowerment policies

Konecta Peru consolidates its commitment to equality and sustainable development, from the signing of the "Women's Empowerment Principles" of the United Nations. It also leads its own programs that contribute to social change inside and outside the company and make the company a key player in development.

Konecta Peru has been committed to female leadership since 2012. Its CEO, Violeta Orozco, promotes different Social Responsibility and female empowerment programs inside and outside the company to generate a real change with a double objective: the elimination of prejudices and training to access technical qualification.

In 2021 Konecta Peru signed the United Nations "Women's Empowerment Principles". This pact is conceived as a roadmap for the empowerment of the women who make up the company. And it is materialized in equal pay and career advancement opportunities, paid paternity leave and zero tolerance to sexual harassment at work.

The Women's Leadership Program "LIFE" offers 1,600 hours of training. It includes the promotion of the culture of equity in volunteer programs in schools and areas where Konecta is present. This generates impact beyond corporate borders and begins the real contribution to social development.

"LIFE" currently has 150 empowered women who have been part of strategic projects in the company. This program has boosted 30% of female promotions in the company. 50% of the graduates of the program became mentors and trainers of Konecta teams at different levels.

But to achieve real change in terms of equality, it is necessary to involve not only women. Thus was born "ELLOS", the program that promotes new masculinities aimed at the company's employees. The objective is to turn them into ambassadors of equality or agents of change, promoters of equal opportunities and the eradication of violence in the work, family and social environment.

"ELLOS" promotes a space for education and dialogue to develop a culture of equity through workshops on parenting roles and family co-responsibility, gender stereotypes and unconscious biases

All these policies need to be accompanied by tools to prevent and curb violence, an aspect that, sadly, is still deeply rooted in society. Konecta Peru is working on concrete policies to combat gender-based violence, sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace

Through the "Enough is Enough" program, the company's women and men work every day to eliminate machismo and micromachismo.

Konecta Peru assumes its business leadership as an opportunity to contribute to change within and outside the organization in line with the "Sustainable Development Goals"

The company's adherence to the United Nations' "Women's Empowerment Principles" is a further step in the fight to promote gender equality, create safer spaces, eliminate barriers and provide tools for people's development.

Year after year, Konecta evaluates the results of its Corporate Responsibility programs in order to continue evolving and establishing alliances that contribute to building a better society, starting by promoting equal personal and professional growth within the company.

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