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+120,000 professionals

24 countries

+200 operating centers


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Customer Engagement

Create loyal customers. That's the key. In Konecta, we develop tailored solutions for each company, in order to generate strong linkages between customer and brand.

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Digital Solutions

Digitalization as an ally to make profitable businesses. Using data in favour of companies, as the basis of the progress.

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Process Optimization

Automation and flexibility to increase business productivity. Our innovation labs, at the service of the optimization of companies' processes.

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Your contact centre, wherever you want it

Imagine you are at home, or on a beach in Honolulu, it doesn't matter. You press a button and you are teleported to your contact centre. And it's just as powerful as ever, if not more so.

We've imagined that too. And so we changed the workplaces, the technology tools and the security model. We went into the clouds and reinvented the contact centre.

In a cloud environment, focused on the employee experience, customer-oriented, result-oriented, sustainable and responsible.


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Globality, transparency and innovation

We are a multinational company that offers customized multichannel solutions to provide the best customer experience. Based on the strength of our experience, we are committed to technology in order to stay at the forefront of the sector and we create strategic alliances with our partners with one goal: to maximize their results.

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